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5,600 Gallon Sludge Storage Mixing System for Waste Treatment Waste Activated Sludge:

Model AQP4X Heavy Duty Gear Driven Fixed Flanged Plate Mounted Mixers - Pricing Matrix

All pricing in US dollars, FOB factory.

Motor Class F insulated, tropicalized, SF=1.15, chemical duty motor, 230/460 volt, 3 phase , 60 hertz. 

Pricing in Effect:

Mixed sludge storage tanks, for waste activated sludge, vary in size dramatically.  The following is a mixer design for approximately 5,600 gallons, where multiple tanks can be used to achieve additional storage capacity.    

Attached is a typical 5,600 gallon poly storage tank that presents an alternative low cost sludge storage tank option for your consideration.  Many sludge tanks are either vertical-cylindrical or vertical-rectangular constructed concrete basins.  The basis of the design makes the following assumptions:

  1. Maximum Specific Gravity = 1.09
  2. Assumed 12% by weight solids maximum. 
  3. Typical retention time 80 minutes. 
  4. Maximum Viscosity < 2,500 centipoise
  5. A standard 5,600 gallon poly storage tank, supplied by others.  
  6. An angular offset mounting arrangement to be used. 
  7. Includes lower impeller designs that are suitable specifically for mixing sludge and an upper impeller with infinite adjustment to drive down a floating scum layer or an upper de-watered phase separation into the lower mix zone, which assists in power drawing during start-up.   
  8. No in-tank anti-swirl baffles are required.   
  9. 316D/316 Stainless Steel mixer wetted parts.
  10. 230/460 Volt Power source.
  11. Mixer support bridge supplied by others.     

The advantages are significant:

  1. Lower horsepower 3/4. 
  2. Engineering Mixer Specification
  3. Pedestal mounted with coupling above mounting surface, easy maintenance design.
  4. Mixer price complete = $6,377 US Dollars Each. 

Complete design for 5,600 gallon Sludge Storage mixing application. Includes engineering specifications, complete mixer pricing, tank drawing, mixer mounting orientation for waste water treatment systems.


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