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4,000 Gallon Polymer or Poly-Electrolyte Day Tank Storage Mixing System:

Full 4,000 gallon Poly Tank pdf drawingA typical Polymer or Polyelectrolyte mixing day or storage tanks typically range in size from 200 gallons to 1,500 gallons, dependent upon the plants requirements.  For these size day tanks, 350 RPM mixers are quite common and may prove to be a more economical solution.  Multiple tanks can also be used to increase the daily capacity or to achieve a chemical usage cost  optimum.  

Attached is a typical 4,000 gallon storage tank constructed of a polymeric material that presents an alternative low cost polymer or polyeletrolyte storage or day tank option for your consideration.  The basis of the design makes the following assumptions:

  1. Maximum Specific Gravity = 1.05
  2. Viscosity Range = 1,500 to 2,500 centipoise
  3. A standard 4,000 gallon poly storage tank, supplied by others.  
  4. A vertical-on-tank-centerline mounting arrangement is used 
  5. No in-tank anti-swirl baffles are required, unless the polymer is less than 1,500 centipoise. 
  6. 316D/316 Stainless Steel mixer wetted parts.
  7. 230/460 Volt Power source.
  8. Mixer support bridge supplied by others.     

The advantages are significant:

  1. Lower horsepower 3/4. 
  2. Engineering Mixer Specification
  3. Hydrofoil in combination with lower mixer speed, creates lower fluid shear, which maximizes polymer chemical efficiency.    

Complete design for 4000 gallon Polymer or Poly-Electrolyte Day Tank or Storage mixing application. Includes engineering specifications, complete mixer pricing, tank drawing, mixer mounting orientation for waste water treatment systems.


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