12,000 Gallon Neutralization or pH Adjustment Storage Mixing System:

Full 4,000 gallon Poly Tank pdf drawingA typical pH Adjustment or Neutralization Mixing system utilizes either an acid or a base to alter the pH of a waste water stream prior to discharge to either a sewer or to a surface stream. The intent is to lower the overall discharge costs by pre-treating the effluent. Retention or detention times generally range from 1 to 100 minutes with an optimum of approximately 10 to 30 minutes. Once your flow rate is determined, you can quickly determine what size tank that you will require for treating your waste water stream. For example, for the proposed 12,000 gallon tank system, a flow rate of 1,700 to 400 gallons per minute is typical.

Attached is a typical 12,000 gallon neutralization or pH adjustment mixing system utilizing a plastic polypropylene or polyethylene tank design. The basis of the design makes the following assumptions:

  1. Maximum Specific Gravity = 1.05
  2. Viscosity Range = 250 centipoise
  3. A standard 12,000 gallon polypropylene or polyethylene storage tank, supplied by others.
  4. A vertical-on-tank-centerline mounting arrangement is to be used
  5. Three (3) in-tank anti-swirl baffles located 120 degrees apart are required for low viscosity mixing applications to redirect swirl/vortexing.
  6. 316D/316 Stainless Steel mixer wetted parts.
  7. 230/460 Volt Power source.
  8. Mixer support bridge supplied by others.

The advantages are significant:

  1. Lower horsepower 3/4 Motor, Class F insulated, tropicalized, SF=1.15, chemical duty motor, 230/460 volt, 3 phase, 60 hertz.
  2. Engineering Mixer Specification

Complete design for 12,000 gallon neutralization or pH adjustment mixing system. Includes engineering specifications, complete mixer pricing, tank drawing, mixer mounting orientation for waste water treatment systems.