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Model XJ, XJQ, XJC, XJSS, XJDS and the Cheap-Stir Mixers comparable design equivalents  
Industrial Portable Mixers  If you presently have a mixer model XJ, XJQ, XJC, XJSS or XJDS, and your looking to upgrade to a comparable Industrial Portable Mixer Model AQG equivalent, we have the following table of comparisons for your consideration.  Hit any blue link for additional information for our Cheap-Stir Mixers designs

Industrial Portable Mixer "Model AQG" INFORMATION (Hot Link)       

Competitors Model PG to Industrial Portable Mixers Model AQG Equivalent Design
Equivalent Clamp or Cup-Mounted Swivel Mounts  Equivalent fixed plate mount or 10o angle riser Equivalent flanged stuffing box  Equivalent flanged mechanical sealed design
Model XJ Model AQG Model XJQ Model AQOG Model XJC Model AQSG Model XJSS or XJDS Model AQMG
XJ30 AQG-25 XJQ30 AQOG-25 XJC30 AQSG-25 XJ(S/D)S30 AQMG-25
XJ43 AQG-33 XJQ43 AQOG-33 XJC43 AQSG-33 XJ(S/D)S43 AQMG-33
XJ65 AQG-50 XJQ65 AQOG-50 XJC65 AQSG-50 XJ(S/D)S65 AQMG-50
XJ87 AQG-75 XJQ87 AQOG-75 XJC87 AQSG-75 XJ(S/D)S87 AQMG-75
XJ117 AQG-100 XJQ117 AQOG-100 XJC117 AQSG-100 XJ(S/D)S117 AQMG-100
XJ174 AQG-150 XJQ174 AQOG-150 XJC174 AQSG-150 XJ(S/D)S174 AQMG-150
XJ230 AQG-200 XJQ230 AQOG-200 XJC230 AQSG-200 XJ(S/D)S230 AQMG-200
XJ350 AQG-300 XJQ350 AQOG-300 XJC350 AQSG-300 XJ(S/D)S350 AQMG-300

Note: Although the horse powers are not exact, the competitive concept was to provide an expensive special exclusively available motor, with an additional service factor of 1.15, above the standard 1.15 motor service factor, so that the technical sales staff would not have to redesign the mixer for high viscosity or high density applications.  In fact, most applications (80/20 rule - actually 95/5) did not require and did not utilize this additional motor service factor.  The premium paid for this motor was never realized.     

Within each model, there are numerous standard options available.  For example:

the swivel mounted XJ design features both a C-Clamp and bolt-on cup-plate mounting options.  
The XJQ features both a fixed mounted plate and angle riser mounting options.  
The XJC features both a high pressure and low pressure stuffing box sealed option, as well as 5", 6" & 8" 150# ANSI flange mounting options. 
The XJSS and XJDS features numerous mechanical sealed variations.  The XJSS features a single dry running mechanical seal design either with or without a flush trap.  The XJDS features a double lubricated mechanical seal design with either a lower pressure unbalanced or a high pressure balanced design.  A 5", 6" & 8" 150# ANSI flange mounting options were also available for all designs except the balanced design which featured a 300# ANSI flange.  .

Industrial Portable Mixers has all of the above options available ... just specify your requirements.   Industrial Portable Mixer "Model AQG" INFORMATION 

Cheap-Stir Mixers Model designations:

AQ - Cheap Stir Mixer
AQG: G - Gear Driven Portable design
Model AQOG: O - Open tank fixed mounted design, either base plated or angle riser design.
Model AQSG: S - Stuffing box, either high or low pressure design
Model AQMG: M - Mechanical Seal design.  

Competitors Mixers Model designations:

XJ - Gear Driven portable mixer designation
Model XJQ: Q - Open tank fixed mounted design, either base plated or angle riser design.
Model XJC: C - Stuffing box, either high or low pressure design
Model XJSS: SS - Single dry running mechanical seal design.
Model XJDS: DS - Double lubricated balanced or unbalanced seal design.  

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